Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tom&Sawyer Fresh Prepared Pet Meals

Owner: Kristin Mathews

Today we are profiling Kristin Mathews from Tom & Sawyer Fresh Prepared Pet Meals, a member of the Live Green Perks program.

What are the most popular eco-friendly gifts people can buy from your shop?
Any of our meals made from organic and local ingredients, and our reusable thermal tote for every time you shop for your pet's fresh-cooked meals!

Why is being green important to you?
Consumers are faced with pet food being unregulated in Canada and the practices of what goes into pet feed, the factories it is made in and the miles it travels being hard on the environment and inhumane. While we still continually strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, we consider certain trade offs (like vacuum seal bags over using chemical preservatives) and as innovation improves for packaging, we will adopt even more eco-friendly methods. Right now we are at almost zero waste on food products and have reusable bags and boxes.

What does your business offer as a Live Green Perk?
$4 off our Sawyer's Snack Box of preservative-free healthy treats! Learn more

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