Sunday, December 9, 2018

Relic Creations T.O.

Owner: Salvatore G.F Crimi

Today we are profiling Salvatore G.F Crimi from Relic Creations T.O., a member of the Live Green Perks program.

Why should a consumer choose your products over non-green options?
One is they will be supporting a private family business managed by my fiance and myself. Another is you will be helping to keep wood and other building materials out of landfills. By not chipping wood, the carbon that was trapped by that tree stays in the material when preserved. In landfills the carbon is released during the decay process and will, in turn, hurt our fight against climate change.

What are the most popular eco-friendly gifts people can buy from your shop?
I am a design-build company for artisan home furnishings from reclaimed materials, mostly people purchase light fixtures, coffee tables and tables. But I can produce anything a clients imagination comes up with.

Why is being green important to you?
Because climate change is a serious challenge that effects us all, this helps me contribute in a small way. And its plain common sense for me to use perfectly good reclaimed materials in my creations.

What does your business offer as a Live Green Perk?
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