Saturday, 15 December 2018

Ontario Science Centre

Maurice Bitran, CEO

Today we are talking to Maurice Bitran from the Ontario Science Centre, which offers one of the most popular deals on the Live Green Perks program.

What's new and exciting at the Ontario Science Centre?

Easy TTC access and Eglinton Crosstown coming! The Energy Show highlights how renewable energy sources can make a difference.

What is a unique, eco-friendly gift that people can buy at the Ontario Science Centre?
The Gorilla Store at the Ontario Science Centre supplies industrial surplus components (saved from the landfill) for maker projects.

Why is being green important to you?
We promote scientific literacy and curiosity, which will spark the current generation to solve our current and future environmental challenges.

What does your business offer as a Live Green Perk?
20%-off general admission. Learn more

Live Green Perks: hundreds of deals on everything from coffee to kayaks. Download the free app today!


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