Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It's Plastic Free July: Say NO to single-use plastic

by: Candice Keast
Wednesday July 4, 2018

It's Plastic Free July! And we want you to join us in reducing plastic waste in our environment.

As we all know plastic waste is past a tipping point. Now, more than ever, we are faced with the plastic dilemma: where do we put it all? This month, let's think in terms more like: how can I lessen the amount of plastic I use (that is, how can I reduce my plastic footprint?) Let's band together to dramatically reduce plastic waste this month!

There may be times when plastic is straight up unavoidable and we get it but here at Live Green Toronto we are all about providing environmental options that suit your lifestyle.

In the table below (after the jump) we've listed common, everyday plastics items and suggested alternatives – we've even linked to some of our Live Green Perks member businesses that may offer you discounts on the items.*

Plastic shopping bags
Literally any reusable grocery bag. Visit us at any of the events we'll be attending during July for a chance to win a free Live Green reusable shopping bag.
Plastic straws
Evergreen Garden Market sells reusable straws. Show your Live Green Perks app to get 10% off.
Styrofoam (polystyrene) coffee cups, lids, and take-out containers
Reusable tumblers are widely available. All coffee/tea shops accept travel mugs and many will even give you a discount for using a reusable mug. Take-out containers are tricky, the best you can do is limit the amount of take-out you consume. Logan and Finley offers Live Green Perks members 10%-off on select full priced products with the app. They have a great selection of reusable containers.
Plastic cutlery
MEC sells a variety of reusable cutlery. Our upcoming MEC day is July 26th at both North York & King Street locations. 
Plastic water/beverage bottles
There are so many options I can't even…but check out Minimal water bottles and flasks.
Beeswax fabric wrap. You can always get creative and make it yourself. If you're not feeling crafty you can check out Evergreen Garden Market for your beeswax wrap needs.
Produce bags
When in the grocery store, avoid produce bags and opt for reusable ones (store in your grocery bags so you don't forget them) and remember to avoid prepackaged fruits & veggies. Credo Bags are made in Montreal and are made of organic cotton.  You can purchase these at Ecotique.
Disposable coffee pods
Why not start using a French press or stove-top espresso maker instead of your coffee pods? Your taste buds will thank you. Or try using a recycling service like Note that, no matter what you hear from the manufacturers, these pods are NOT accepted in Toronto's blue bins.

* Inclusion on this list does not guarantee that you can get a deal on a particular item from our Live Green Perks participating businesses. Deals vary - please check the details by visiting their business page on our site or mobile app.


If committing to a whole month seems too difficult, why not try to go eliminate single-use plastics for a week? This challenge will especially be hard for me in the "take-out plastics" area, so I'm coupling this with a "no take out" challenge.

Happy Plastic Free July!
- Candice

"GO PLASTIC FREE" CONTEST - The contest is now closed. Thanks to all those who entered!
Reduce your use of single-use plastics with an awesome plastic free prize pack, courtesy of Live Green Perks. Includes:
·  Live Green Shopping bag
·  Reusable straw(s)
·  Live Green travel mug and water bottle
·  Reusable cutlery
·  Beeswax food wrap
·  Produce bags  
Contest closes July 22, 2018 at 11:59PM.

For more tips on going green at home, on the road and at work or school, visit

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