Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Want to cut food waste at home? Think like a chef.

By: Riel Hishon & Valerie Cassells

Professional chefs know that food equals money. The bottom line takes a hit when food is wasted. As a result, chefs know how to keep food fresh and maximize shelf life. Simple tips can make all the difference - less than 8% of food in a professional kitchen is wasted, compared to up to 40% at home.

To help you learn to think like a chef, we invited Toronto's very own Chef Mike Ward in for a demo. Here are his top tips to reduce food waste at home.

#1: Consolidate and organize 

Most of us have multiple bags of rice and flour, or multiple jars of mustard, olives, or whatever in our kitchens. Chef Mike recommends consolidating these items, and organizing them properly. All of that chaos is what caused you to buy multiples in the first place. Chef Mike also recommends storing and organizing food in see-through containers, such as glass. As an added bonus, your pantry will be so beautifully organized that it will make you want to cook more!

Learn from a pro: Chef Mike's Top Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Home