Monday, December 5, 2016

#ResilientTO: Building resilience to the effects of climate change

By Stewart Dutfield, Project Lead, Environment & Energy, City of Toronto

In October 2015, I joined the Environment and Energy Division to work on the City of Toronto's Resilient City initiative. Since that time, it has been an incredible privilege to see the amount of work underway across the City to address the direct and indirect effects of a changing climate, and the associated extreme weather events, as well as broader resilience challenges.

The 2014 report, Resilient City – Preparing for Climate Change laid the foundation for a comprehensive effort to integrate climate change resilience into the City of Toronto's long-term decision making. In November 2016, we released an update on that work and a vision for the work to come. Given the rate at which the climate continues to change, this work is more important than ever. With that in mind, Toronto is approaching climate change head-on with a dual focus on mitigation - through its TransformTO initiative - as well as resilience and adaptation.